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These were delicious, many thanks for bringing them to us :o)

— Alan on May 3rd 2012

Hello Francisco and Rosa, I have had the pleasure of tasting your Churros and I must say they taste delicioso and I will be back to buy more!!!!!! I love your new website too! Thank you :O)

— Jules on May 6th 2012

Hi Francisco and Rosa, Deli churros are so delious and I still craving to eat more and more…

— Amaifer on Jun 26th 2012

Hello! me encanta tu negocio, los consegui de casualidad y quisiera saber de que parte de Venezuela son.

— Orianny on Feb 1st 2013

Hola Orianny, Gracias por tu comentario. Somos de Caracas y tu?

— Francisco y Rosa on Feb 1st 2013